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API equipment and machinery

Mixed equipment
Granulation equipment
Medicine filter press equipment
Sterilization equipment
Ozone generator
Distillation equipment
Evaporation equipment
Medicine filtration equipment
Other filtering equipment
Medicine screening machinery
Heat exchange equipment
Extraction equipment
Extraction tank
Separation equipment
Crystal equipment
Drying and mechanical equipment
Reaction equipment

Decoction machinery

Burning Machinery
Medicine drying machine
Cutting machinery
Net system machinery

Pharmaceutical water equipment

Pharmacy water, gas (steam) equipment
Purified water equipment
Ion exchange equipment
Electrodialysis equipment

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery

Drug direct packaging machinery
Medicine filling equipment
Medicine binding packing machine
Aluminum plastic blister packaging machine
Medicine packaging materials manufacturing machinery
Medicine boxing and packaging machine
Medicine filling machine
Medicine sealing machine
Medicine labeling machine

Pharmaceutical crushing machinery

Superfine crusher
Mechanical crushing machine
Cryogenic Crusher
Airflow crushing machine
Other medicinal crushing machinery

Preparation machinery

Preparation machinery and equipment
Glass infusion bottle linear filling machine
Aerosol machinery
Oral Liquid Preparation Machinery
Suppository machinery
Tablet Machinery
Rotary tablet press
Centrifugal Pill Making Machine
Other preparation machinery and equipment

Drug analysis and testing equipment

Ozone concentration detector
Plastic bottle infusion leak detector
Clarity Tester
Metal detection equipment
Inspection machine
Disintegration instrument
Water quality tester
Tablet testing equipment

spare parts

Pipe Fittings

Refrigeration equipment

cold storage
Chilled water machine
Cooling tower
Refrigeration compressor

Other pharmaceutical machinery and equipment

Auxiliary machinery
Bottle sorting machine
Conveying machinery and equipment
Cleaning and sterilizing equipment in place
Local laminar flow device

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